Voice and electronics

During these last years I have been working on several pieces combining voice and electronics. They include fixed media pieces with voice and electronics, and lives electronics pieces with a setup that I realized during my masters studies at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Currently I am working on a a solo performance of voice and electronics, and a solo album that will present these pieces.

Voice performer

The voice can do so much more than we usually think. I am interested in the sounds of different languages, the melodies of dialectes, the exploration of different sound worlds and the idea to push the boundaries of the voice. Since 2010 I developped a solo performance of acoustic voice "Élocution" which means in French the "way to articulate the vocal sounds". The performance includes pieces composed by Geroges Aperghis, Morton Feldmann, Luciano Berio, Morton Berberian, John Cage and more.

Fixed media and live electronics

I composed electro-acoustic fixed media and live electronics pieces for stereo or multichannels. Besides the voice and its combination with electronics, which is a constant feature of my work, I am also interested in capturing the atmosphere of a place by exploring and working with its acoutsic properties, people and history.

Site specific works

Besides creating pieces which are related to a particular location I have been working for several years on site specific works and in particular on soundwalks: Soundwalk Reykjavik, Soundwalk Orfirisey, Soundwalk Villa Rohannec'h.


MGBG is a collaboration project with Bjarni Gunnarsson (electronics). After working for the last years on composing tape pieces and creating experimental electronic audio performances, we released in October 2011 our first album "Korabie" which is available in bandcamp. The interplay between us creates a dense palette of sounds, derived from voice, field recordings, original designed sounds, and acoustic instruments.

Royal Improvisers Orchestra

The Royal Improvisers Orchestra comprises musicians from all over the world who come from various musical backgrounds ranging from baroque to noise-rock. It works with a system of conduction signs and each piece is conducted by a member of the orchestra. Neither fully improvised nor completely controlled, this format creates an environment where all egos must work together to try and achieve the common goal of making music.

Either / Or

Either/Or is a collaboration between by Wen Chin Fu (cello and self made instruments) and Marie Guilleray (voice and electronics) who invite other performers to improvise with them. We have been working on developping improvisations through two main axis : an exploration of different combinations of their unsual instrumentation (solo, duets, trios and quartets), and some experiments with sound and space, by exploring the accoustic properties of the space in which they play – among others, Centrum Space The Hague (september 2010), Villa Ockhenburg (october 2010), basement of the Villa Kabilla (june 2011), Trytone festival, Zaal 100(Nov 2011). We work across musical boundaries, all musicians sharing the improvisational space on an equal basis.


FM-FX is an International collective of female sound artists, composers and performers who collaborate and create experimental music. They focus on live electronic music and/or improvisation, often in combination with acoustic instruments. These artists carry out experiments related to psychoacoustic and sensorial perception. In this way they develop a unique and creative language. Their pieces become immersive experiences by means of technology, a melting-pot of new sounds. FM-FX’s works are presented in live concerts where their individual projects merge together. Electroacoustic and acousmatic music, noise and audio-visual performances, are combined in heterogeneous journeys through their avant-garde sonic realms.