"Après la mer" (October 2014) Live electronics improvisation with Johan van Kreij

Johan van Kreij (electronics) and Marie Guilleray (voice and electronics)

"Entre chien et loup" (November 2012)

For voice, tape and live electronics.

"L'imaginaire du parleur" (October 2011) by Marie Guilleray (voice and electronics) and Bjarni Gunnarsson (electronics).

Fixed media, originally made for 8 channels, here reduced to a stereo version.

This piece is for fixed media (8 channels) and was composed together with Bjarni Gunnarsson during our residency at GRM Paris in october 2011. The piece emphazises the ambiguity of the relationships between the "grain of the voice" and electronics, the later being either electronic transformations of the voice or electronically generated sounds.

"Live electronics improvisation" by Johan van Kreij, Younes Riad, and Marie Guilleray (February 2012)

Johan van Kreij (electronics), Younes Riad (electronics), and Marie Guilleray (voice and electronics).

"Goshawk" from album Korabie (October 2011) Marie Guilleray and Bjarni Gunnarsson (MGBG)

MGBG is a collaboration between Marie Guilleray and Bjarni Gunnarsson. Currently we are working on pieces that are both fixed and improvised with the goal of exploring the combination between the voice and live electronics. The interplay between us creates a dense palette of sounds, coming from sounds derived from the voice, field recordings, original designed sounds by computer and acoustic instruments (gongs, harps, accordean ...).

"Soufflerie de verre" (October 2011) tape piece by Marie Guilleray

Soufflerie de verre was composed for the Relay Project curated by Irish musician and composer John Lambert. I was asked to create a piece in reaction to the piece by Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh ''The Night and I''. Caoimhin's beautiful piece reminded me of the mysterious atmosphere mysterious of Paris. Following the idea of things emerging and receding from the city, I recorded some sounds in Venice and the Island of Murano. I found Venice rather fascinating and unpredictable. I enjoy very much being lost in its labyrinthic structure, hearing the sound of the space changing radically in few seconds, coming from a narrow street and ending up in a big square. Being interested in exploring the acoustic properties of Venice and its surrounding, the idea of this piece was to create a kind of unpredictable path through the city. The recorded sounds emerge in an abstract context and take different roles between responding to each other, interacting, or being confronting, creating sometimes a mysterious texture where the line between background and foreground becomes blurred. Eventually the piece remains rather abstract and takes the listener into a curious walk. The title recalls Murano's glass factory.

"Du tunnel à l'esplanade" (June 2011) tape piece with voice and electronics by Marie Guilleray

Du tunnel à l'esplanade is based on the idea of moving blocks and masses of sounds coming from underneath. Chords and clusters with percussive attacks become masses of sounds slowly changing. As the piece goes on, this tunnel of sounds seems to open a larger space. Eventually, the last section rearranges the materials and transformations from the previous parts.

"Duality" (March 2011) live piece for voice and electronics by Marie Guilleray and Bjarni Gunnarsson

The piece Duality is inspired by the process of hypnosis and the theory of the hidden observer as discovered by Ernest Hilgard. The question of a divided consciousness inspired the unfolding of this piece where multiple controls in human thought and action operate at the same time. The piece fluctuates between states of order and disorder, where a tension is created between the conscious and the subconscious. The text is taken from Les Champs Magnetiques (The Magnetic Fields, 1920) by Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault, where the principle of automatic writing is put into practice. This surrealist technique was developped as a means of expressing the subconscious.

"In between" (October 2010) live piece for voice and electronics by Marie Guilleray and Bjarni Gunnarsson

The piece In between is inspired by the way resonances can connect together, disturb each other and create new sonic and imaginary environments. The idea is of a pure tone that gives birth to other and more complex acoustic experiences and invites both the performer and listener to participate in this journey. "In between" is the path taken from and to very pure points and examines what happens in the more chaotic states between these two. This could be understood as a parallel world where the listener can witness how a simple sound can evoke images of places, explosions, sounds from nature or mirrors of a performer own sound. "In between" is composed for computer, voice and gongs.

"Exercices in style" (September 2010) tape piece by Marie Guilleray

"Exercices in style" is inspired by the book from Raymond Queneau where he retells this apparently unremarkable tale ninety-nine times, employing a variety of styles, ranging from sonnet to mathematical formula. This piece explores some combinations of voice and electronics by combining several sequencies of the text by Queneau, using various vocal techniques and electronic transformations.

"Calais Jungle" (September 2009) live piece for voice and electronics by Marie Guilleray

"Calais Jungle" refers to an event that happened in France in september 2009. It deals with the contrasting relationship between our everyday life and the atmosphere of Calais jungle, an atmosphere tensed, a state of emergency. The text is from « L’Impossible retour » by Henry Michaux. Three different excerpts are progressively transformed and altered.