Voice and electronics

My interest in the combination of voice and electronics started with the challenge of performing free improvisation with real time electronics transformations of my voice.

I was confronted to the fact that in the context of free improvisation, my voice and its electronic transformations realized with various computer programs was often to slow to adapt to the flexibility and rapidness required by free improvisation. I always had the impression to play two instruments at the same time: the voice and the computer, the computer being not as fluent and flexible than the acoustic voice.

I decided to solve this problem by creating a performance interface for this special context. After one year of work in collaboration with a music programmer (Johan van Kreij) and an instrument builder (Lex van der Broek), my "electronically extended voice" was ready to be performed as one instrument for free improvisation. Of course it took me a few more years to learn to really master it and now I am improvising using this instrument in various formats ranging from solo to duets, quartets and bigger ensembles.
My instrument consist at the moment of a glove with sensors linked to a Max patch. I am currently looking for developing it by adapting it for the Ipad and updating it to certain recent technological developments.

At the same time that I started to work on this project for free improvisation, I also started to compose fixed media pieces using voice and electronics and explore in a non real time domain the different relations between the voice and the electronics, the electronics being either transformations of the voice, electronically generated sounds, recorded sounds or manipulated sounds.

In the course of this process I realized that my electronically extended voice, originally made for the particular context of free improvisation would be also very interesting for the context of live electronics pieces so I would like now to further my resarch in this direction and explore these composition possibilities. .