Fixed media and live electronics pieces

I composed electro-acoustic music: fixed media and live electronics pieces for stereo or multichannels. Besides the voice and its combination with electronics, which is an element often present in my work, I am also interested in capturing the atmosphere of a place by exploring and working with its acoutsic properties, people and history.
Here below are some examples of pieces which relate to places:

The piece "Asbru" (2013-2015) attemps to recreate the strange atmosphere of the former military base called Asbru in Iceland which looks nowadays like a gost village.

The piece "Estran" (2012) is an abstraction of the seashore in my native Bretagne.

The piece "Entre chien et loup" (2012) recalls the time and space in between the day and the night and it was created with materials recorded in Hungary during the summer where I experienced this phenomenon for a while.

The piece "Soufflerie de verre" (2011) symbolizes my experience of Venice and in particular the island of Murano (Italy).

The piece "Du tunnel à l'esplanade" (2011) embodies the opening of a tunnel towards a larger space through an exploration the combination of voice and electronics.

The piece "In Between" (2010) symbolises the space between two different entities, places or states.

The piece "Calais Jungle" (2009) attemps to denounce the terrible living conditions and situation of the Afgan refugees and immigrants in the nord of France close to Calais when in September 2009 the French police destroyed their campement made of carton boxes in order to make them go away.

I am also inspired by abstract paintings such as the work of Pierre Soulages in my piece Estran and by the sonorities of Languages in "Exercices de styles" (2010) and "L'imaginaire du Parleur" (2011) composed together with Bjarni Gunnarsson.