The voice can do so much more than we usually think. I am interested in the exploration of new sound worlds, the bridge between music and (sound) poetry, the sounds of different languages and to broaden the boundaries of the human voice.

I am passionated about the human voice and its possibilities. After studying singing at the Conservatory in Paris and a Bachelor degree in Singing from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, I deepened my experience as a vocalist and performer of contempory music. Currently I sing mostly in the context of improvised, contemporary and electro-acoustic music as a soloist and with various ensembles.

Since 2009 I am developping a solo performance of acoustic voice called "√Člocution" which means in French the "way to articulate vocal sounds". This solo performance includes among others pieces composed by Georges Aperghis, Morton Feldmann, Luciano Berio, Cathy Berberian, John Cage. It was premiered in March 2010 in Holland. It evolves regularly and I continue to perform it.

For several years I have been collaborating as a vocalist with different composers and among others with Kees Tazelaar ("Voyage dans l'espace" premiered at the BEAST in Birmingham in 2011), Bjarni Gunnarsson ("Duality" in 2010, "L'imaginaire du Parleur" in 2011, Album "Korabie" in 2011), Robert Blatt ("In other words" in 2009), Yiannis Kyriakydes (performance with MAE Ensemble and the dance company Leine Roebana at Orgelpark in 2010) and Sophocles Arvanitis ("Moments under the Sunlight" in 2010).

June 2014, Studio Loos, Netherlands, photo by Ed Jansen