Site specific works

Besides creating pieces which are related to a particular location I have been working for several years on site specific works and in particular on soundwalks and installations:

Ballade sonore au parc de la Villa Rohannec'h (2015)
opening in July 2015

Soundwalk Orfirisey (2014-2015)
available soon

Soundwalk Reykjavik (2013-2014)

Soundwalk Reykjavik is a collective project that started in March 2013 from the course Sound of Nature – Sound of the City in the Icelandic Academy of Arts taught by Marie Guilleray. The sound artists involved created an original soundtrack specially composed for a one hour walk around the city center of Reykjavik. This walk is not a very common since it does not pass by the most commercial streets, but at the same time it allows the walkers to pass by interesting spots in the city and experience Reykjavik from a different angle. The places of cultural interest where the walk pass by are Hallgrimskirkia, the Viking monument, Harpa, the old harbor, the town hall and the pond. More information can be found on this web page.

Inside Harpa (2013)

This is collective installation project meant to be diffused through a quadirphonic system. This installation is exploring the resonance of the concert hall Harpa in Reykjavik : a group of 4 sound explorers went on recording different parts of the building simultaneously in March 2013 in order to document and create "une empreinte sonore" of the building. The sound artists participants are Marie Guilleray, Beth Eline Byberg, Johannes Mandorfer and Luca Brembilla.